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Machine pistol in .45 ACP? This is madness!

Let’s talk firearms, I think they’re great fun. As an engineer, I find their hard functionality, intricacy and reliability fascinating (this goes doubly when you spend the rest of your time dealing with computers, haha). I’m not interested in pointing guns at people and I sure don’t want to be on the business end of one either, but let’s face it - guns are badass and cool. Thanks, John Woo.

The Japanese seem to believe this too, if their airsoft industry is anything to go by. CHOCO of CHOCOLATE SHOP-Float is presumably also a fan, having done a couple of original designs of his own. I’ll take a moment to divert discussion to the first of these, the Hornisse, as it’s an interesting exercise in design. Feel free to skip the next three paragraphs if you just want to get on to the machine pistol.

The Hornisse is chambered in .25 ACP, and carries 4+1 rounds. The .25 ACP is very small round by any definition, roughly comparable to the .22 LR but it suits the intended purpose - a lightweight, concealable firearm for a maid.

alt-text placeholder for hornisse_promo.jpg

Caption: Photo of a final production model of the Hornisse automatic pistol

There’s a saying that goes, “a pistol is something you use to fight your way back to your gun”, a point taken to heart by CHOCO. With the expectation that you hope to never need to use it, it’s small enough to carry at all times, either in a small thigh holster or as an integral part of the uniform. To this end, the entire frame has been made very small. According to SPQR’s Maid’s Reference Manual (2008 edition) my hands are about 3.1 standard deviations larger than average, which I found prevents the slide from cycling fully.

To understand this, one needs to realise that the barrel is underslung from the rest of the frame - the slide and ammunition feed is upside-down compared to a normal pistol, and the ejection port faces straight down. Maids considering the Hornisse must thoroughly assess its suitability for them. While the compact size and ambidextrous handling (provided for by a set of three-dot sights on both sides of the frame) are definite virtues, the downwards ejection port makes it unsuitable for those handling food, and the three-finger grip may be uncomfortable for some operators. Maids with average or larger-than-average sized hands would be advised to stay with their Px4 or Five-seveN.

Now, where was I? Yes, machine pistols. CHOCO’s most recent posts show what appears to be an adaption kit for the M1911A1. What’s that, I hear you say? A machine pistol in .45 ACP!? But that’s madness!

alt-text placeholder for marichiten_pair.jpg

Caption: Pair of model Marichiten 45 Autos

Indeed, you’d be correct. Most machine pistols are chambered in 9mm, which is generally considered to have a reasonably manageable recoil. The only thing close to this madness is the MAC-10, a notoriously jumpy bastard at best. Youtube has no shortage of videos if you need to confirm it for yourself.

From the promo shot, it looks like CHOCO has designed an over-frame shoulder stock to make the recoil manageable (and presumably there’d be an internal mod for the firing mechanism to make it full-auto). The stock looks pretty chunky, so I expect it could be reasonably effective. Other images show that the butt of the stock can be folded away. Also worth noting is that it supplants the normal iron sights. The front sight has been blinged out, and the rear sight appears to be adjustable for range (huh!?).

There’s some better close-up details at Poseidon’s page, they’re the ones producing the kits (and fitting instructions at the bottom). I have some concerns about the real practicality of this though.

  • The M1911A1 is a fine pistol, but it’s still a pistol. The standard M1911 design only carries 7+1 rounds - at any rate of fire you’re going to be empty very quickly
  • You can get third-party extended magazines, that’ll give you like, 11 rounds?
  • This will add a fair bit of weight
  • The pistol is no longer holsterable, and it looks pretty unwieldy
  • It’s not clear that the ejection port will have much clearance
  • Installing the attachment replaces the grips, which are screwed in place. That means it’s not something you can take off while in the field, you have to carry the whole thing home in one piece
  • Foregrip addition in front of the trigger guard may be too small for some people’s hands

Alright, enough ragging on CHOCO. It’s still damn cool, and I love all of his art, almost as much as NOCCHI. Besides, people really have made full-auto M1911s

Oh hell, let’s pimp the Hornisse figure while we’re at it.

alt-text placeholder for kokoku_gretel.jpg

Caption: Promo image for Gretel figure