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Kicking ass and taking photos

The cinema run for Kick Ass will finish soon, and despite my initial skepticism, people whom I trust have genuinely been saying very good things about it. And so it was commanded that the film would be seen. The film was seen, and it was judged to be Good.

I’ve no particular interest in comics but this was a mighty fine adaptation, and all present enjoyed it thoroughly. Excuse me while I slip into へんたいおじいさん mode for a sec:

“Hit Girl? More like ‘I’d Hit It’ Girl, roffle”


Thank you, I’ve got that out of my system now. Seriously though, the movie aimed for something, and completely succeeded in my eyes. Even better, it did it well. The dialogue didn’t drift into being painfully lame (because that’s how we show how much of a loser our protagonist is, right?) or sentimental (the parting scene was tender without being soppy, like a good steak), and it wasn’t straight out dumb in places like it could’ve been (can we can add more explosions here?). For those who “get” the setting, it delivers an honestly well-executed action flick that shows its respect to the audience.

The film already oozes style in many of the set-piece scenes, but it’s even more rewarding if you spot the throwaway references to other things. The deliberately mechanical USP+knife FPS sequence is straight out of Modern Warfare, but I reckon it also played like a beautiful application of the Mark-and-Execute feature from the recent Splinter Cell: Conviction. I got an inkling of that in the obligatory lobby sequence too, which was basically all fan-service for me. The little-known 2002 film Equilibrium also gets a glorious nod, with Kick Ass not simply content to tip its hat, but completely and utterly upstage it.

Ahem, discussion is hereby open for “What is ‘it’ about little girls with guns (and blades) and being totally badass?”. My desire to scream FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH!!! with clockwork regularity was suppressed only by my overriding sense of respect for fellow moviegoers.

Yeah, I’m more than a little delighted, and I’m tempted to see it again. This dude has written a pleasing “meta” review of his own viewing of Kick Ass, and he makes a lot of interesting, well-reasoned points - it feels like I’m studying English in high school again, and I’m enjoying it.

The night was thoroughly rounded out by a B- or C-grade zettai ryouiki sighting as we were leaving the cinema - Trej’s loss for not coming along with us.

B- or C-grade zettai ryouiki

On the topic of photography, my phone’s camera is still the most hopeless thing I’ve ever seen.

My presence at the Opera House on Saturday doesn’t warrant a whole post, but it could use a mention. Jessica Watson is back in town, and depending on who you talk to she’s the official/unofficial youngest sailor to circumnavigate the globe non-stop and unassisted. The closest I’ve gotten to sailing is some close relatives being practitioners, but it’s a damn great achievement no matter how you look at it. Respect++

Pretty much as expected, it was a huge media shitstorm and taking photos was too difficult to get anything worthwhile. This was largely due to the civilian crowd (is it mean to call them plebs?), but I’ll be damned if I was gonna wake up that early to secure a spot.

Not a complete loss, and a nice chance to use the 80-200/2.8. Of the many photos taken, a small number of them didn’t completely suck. Of the lot, I think I’m most happy with this one of a random girl, who for unknown reasons is looking rather concerned :/

alt-text placeholder for concerned_girl_DSC_3340.jpg

Caption: Concerned Girl is concerned

It’s most evident in the 3.5MiB full-size version, but the detail is eye-wateringly beautiful. She was sitting on her father’s shoulders several metres away, yet you can pick out the finest vellus hair on her face and the weave of the clothing. The background is blurred to hell and back, to perfection.

There’s a lot of shiny photographic gear on display at these events too, not just weird people to gawk at.