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Club Mogra

Flight Mode ACTIVE!

Sometimes I’m really not one for planning; today is one of those days.

By midnight I’d resigned myself to the fact that I was procrastinating far too hard, and that sleeping again wasn’t an option if I were going to have any packed luggage ready to take with me. Piece of toast hanging out of my mouth, I waited anxiously for the taxi that would get me to the airport.

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Caption: Daybreak over Kingsford Smith airport. Tarmac. 05:47am

In something of a change from our last trip, we’re greeted at Cairns by a hot, humid atmosphere. Also, it’s raining.

This is typical of Cairns’ tropical climate, and the airport is surrounded by lush, green vegetation everywhere to prove it.

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Caption: Jungly pathway with Cairns International Terminal visible in the background

Buy another Suica card, costs 2000yen w/ 1500yen credit. Added another 2000 yen for 3500 total, should last a decent while.

Rolled into Sakura Hotel at Jinbocho, dropped our stuff off, then headed out to meet dovac at Akiba. We’d heard about some event for ronery otaku being held at Club Mogra.


Mogra is a somewhat recent fixture in Akiba, having popped up in the last couple of years and established itself as a popular place for the more socially-savvy otaku crowd to hang out. They’re open most nights with some sort of event on, typically spinning anime and game tracks, or hosting guest acts. If you’re into the otaku indie music scene, there’s a good chance your favourite artist has played at Mogra.

Like many establishments in Japan, Mogra is a poorly-signposted place with only a little door in a wall somewhere in a back alley. In fact I think it’s some dude’s basement, literally. Maybe a converted garage if you’re generous - look for the 8-bit mascot-logo-thing on the nameplate outside, there should also be a sandwich-board sign with a light on it.

The cover charge is 2000yen and includes one drink, which seems like the standard way to do things around here. Seems like a good idea to me, but it’d probably contravene various liquor licensing laws back home. It’s fairly minimally outfitted, but practical and tasteful. The large blue tarp on the floor signals that despite the setting, this is an “indoors” area - shoes are taken off and people sit down and get comfy. It’s a modestly-sized space that’s cozy without being terribly cramped, though you’d probably be getting too cozy once there’s 40 or 50 people, max.

The event? They’ll attempt to play through the ero-game Makai Tenshi Djibril 4, with the audience voting on the choices when decision points arise. I think they had one of the dudes from Front Wing as a guest, as well as one of the seiyuu. This is truly a sign of the future - realtime collaborative eroge playing >_>

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Caption: The Front Wing guy is over on the left, sitting next to (I think) the seiyuu

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Caption: Ignore the huge head in the middle of the photo, that’s Djibril 4 being projected on the wall

There was a lot of fun banter with the guests but it was a bit much for me, having not slept properly in over 24 hours. The scheduled event time was 23:00 to 05:00, I think I went back to the hotel around 2am after nodding off several times.

Mmm, first night in Japan and I’m having convenience store food for dinner. Two onigiri, canned coffee, and a Bulgaria yoghurt because I just had to know for myself (http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/574223/). Judgement: tastes pretty good, just the right amount of sweetness to prevent it being too sour (seriously, what’s with people who eat plain greek style yoghurt anyway?).