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Tokyo to Takayama

“We’ll hit up Akiba, I’ll buy a small overnight-bag, and then I’ll head off to Takayama - it shoudn’t take long.”


Some things never really change, and right now two such things are painfully obvious:

  1. UFO catchers are a fantastic way to lose track of time
  2. I (We) just can’t help my(/our)self

In Ast’s defence, his collection of Railgun and Working!! plushies is tera-adorable, and it only set him back some several thousand yen.

alt-text placeholder for 20101225-DSC_6599.jpg

Caption: I won this off one of those tweezer pull-down games. “Yamada wants to hang off your bag too!”

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Caption: The facial expressions for the Railgun characters are spot-on

My inability to be where I need to be on-time is reaching masterful levels. We were dropping yens like it’s going out of fashion, but the sun was dropping towards the horizon even faster. I eventually parted with 1,050yen for a big sports bag and got the damn thing packed.


Yens are like monopoly money to me.

A short time ago I relieved myself of some 14,800yen, in pursuit of that aforementioned masterful ability - I’d left things so late that I wouldn’t get to Takayama before tomorrow unless I took a Nozomi shinkansen, the type not covered by my JR pass.

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Caption: This is me trying to communicate to the JR staff at the ticket office that I needed to get to Takayama, and damn the costs!

These things are plush. The N700-series hardware seems to have a power socket on every row, and the seat pitch is insane; the next seat is a long way from my feet even if I stretch out.

It’s now dark but I can still tell that we’re going Really Fucking Fast - the sensation of raw speed isn’t lost even while tucked safely inside an aerodynamic metal box, peaking at 250km/h (155mi/h).


Late, but here. Country Hotel is literally across the road from the station, I can’t fail!

Get settled, hotel pleasantly cheaper than expected due to campaign promo rates. MrVacBob and Ayu are in town already, but prepping for bed.

Go out for food and to take some photos of the “nightlife”, fuck it’s cold. 25:41 FamiMa dinner. 802yen for onigiri, piping hot milk tea, chipstar, 2x calorie mates, meiji choco. Should buy some facemasks tomorrow, make the cold air more tolerable.

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Caption: Takayama at 01:30am, snowing lightly

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Caption: I’m surprised to find some eateries still open, but it’s a Saturday night after all (and Christmas Day). Most of the still-open establishments were along the main road running past the JR station