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Eighteen Four

What better way to NEET it up than Vie de France in Akiba for breakfast? Met Akira there then proceeded to start dropping yens on more doujin books. After a while, you kinda exhaust the obvious possibilities of the place.

Met up with sub-units of the lulzfest team, eventually dragged Ayu away to visit a Cosmate branch. We needed bits and pieces for cosplay - I was here for the Sakuya padding. Kagamine Rin isn’t exactly generously endowed, so the B-size I had was out of the question. Little places like this are always a bastard to find, and this was no exception even with GPS. I swear it’s not the same one I’ve visited before, but it was a Cosmate store nonetheless.

Regrouped with everyone at Mandarake. Their ground floor display windows are pretty big and change on a presumably-regular basis. Right now it’s dolls, and wigs for them.

alt-text placeholder for 20101228-DSC_3686.jpg

Caption: A whole range of colours and textures for dolls’ wigs

alt-text placeholder for 20101228-DSC_3688.jpg

Caption: “Shaggy short”, “Long wavy”, “Short bob” and the appropriate styling for them

Of course it’s not much to look at unless you’ve got finished pieces, so there’s some Touhou on display.

alt-text placeholder for 20101228-DSC_6274.jpg

Caption: Maiden of the Flowering Night

alt-text placeholder for 20101228-DSC_6277.jpg

Caption: Scolded By The Princess

16:30, picked up a small stack of CDs based on Akira’s recent recommendation of EastNewSound. Wondering if I’m putting too big a dent in my cash reserves before evening getting to Comiket.

Mouse has been doing the ippanjin[?] thing recently, but it didn’t mean we couldn’t get together and socialise a bit. The default option for this is of course karaoke. Passed a little shop called Mochi Cream on the way there selling delicacies of the same name. They remind me a little of the Delice things you can get from the Lindt cafe back home, but these are cold and not biscuit-y at all, with a bigger range of flavours.

The karaoke place we went to, Pasela, is one that a waitress at LittleBSD recommended to us two years ago, apparently being a cool venue with a good selection of songs. We’re inclined to agree - we got a room themed after Galaxy Express 999, and all the most recent anisongs are in the system. And as usual just a couple of hours is never enough.

alt-text placeholder for 20101228-DSC_3696.jpg

Caption: Akira catches up on some Mario outside Pasela. The whole shopfront is all themed up, they clearly know their audience.

alt-text placeholder for 20101228-DSC_3993_karaoke_mouthwash.jpg

Caption: The bathrooms have these little single-serve mouthwash packets. I figured it’s so you can disguise the fact that you’ve been out late smoking and karaoke’ing, but the writing on the lid makes a fair point

All split up again to get back to our hotels and pack for the next three days at Shin-Kiba; rendezvous near the platforms for the Keiyou line. As well-planned as I try to be, I still don’t have a big white ribbon alice-band for Rin. I know that there’s a couple of pharmacies on the way back to the hostel, they should still be open. Pushing the ever-patient Ast into a Tsuruha Drug store, we manage to procure an functional-only headband and some hairpins. The selection is a bit disappointing, I thought there’d be more colourful stuff available. Beggars and choosers~

The Keiyou platforms are a right bastard to get to, as they’re literally like halfway to Yuurakuchou station to the south. Given that Tokyo station is about 400-500m long, it can easily be a several hundred metre walk to change lines. With my camera gear (two bodies, set of lenses, accessories) and cosplay gear (two outfits in case the opportunity to use them arises) I’ve got about 15kg in a non-wheeled bag to carry for that distance :(

There’s smiles all round and a collective sigh of relief at having made it to Shin-Kiba, our home for the next three days, full of sleep-deprivation and shady doujin books. This being my second grand comiket expedition, there’s a mix of old and new faces. It’s certainly nice to put some names to them after knowing a bunch of people only through IRC.

alt-text placeholder for 20101228-DSC_6294.jpg

Caption: Getting down to business

Noone is at all surprised by the fact that we only got about 2-3hrs sleep before getting ready to brave the cold and queue up for Day 1 of ‘ket.