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Comiket day 1 – Cosplayers and Cars


Sleep? No. We haven’t even started and it already feels like I’m running on empty.

Taxi to Big Sight, enqueued in a block on the main walkway up to the pyramids.

One of the great things about Japan is how orderly it is. We left our spots (guarded by the dozing Ayu) and went off to take it easy on some benches, safe in the knowledge that we’d still have our place in line when we got back.

  • Konbini food is delicious at 4 o’clock in the morning
  • It’s still really fucking cold at winterket, no matter how much you think you’ve rugged up this time around

Industry booths

As predicted, industry halls have nothing for us, and thus sucked. The big thing going this year is K-On “life goods”. It’s a set of stuff like teatowels, hand-soap dispensers, tissue-box covers, drink coasters, etc. all for toomany-thousand yens.

You can have your life goods branded with Mio, Azu-nyan or Yui. The obvious indie-hipster choice of Ritsu isn’t available, sorry.


They’ve moved the male cosplay changeroom this year, it’s now in the atrium of the west halls and looks like a big white medical tent. We got there “pretty early”, but already the floorspace was getting full. I guess the cosplayers in attendance tend not to bother with doujin-buying at all.

I can understand that - trying to do both is unbelievably stressful because the necessary preparations for each are highly incompatible. If I had things my way I’d have just rolled up at 10am, well-slept and nicely groomed.

Having comrades for this gig is a new experience for me, I don’t know how to describe it. It feels… good? Sure I’ve cosplayed in a group before, but I’ve always felt a bit detached from the existing circle of friends.

The weariness and fatigue from your recent exploits is completely dissipated in the good company of friends, replaced by a radiant confidence.

There is a spring in your step, and everything seems a little brighter, the air a little fresher. The camera bag on your shoulders seems lighter as you contemplate your quest.

Yeah anyway. Since I last cosplayed at C75 I’ve wanted to do it again, properly. Or at least better. Ayu deserves many thanks for giving me an excuse to be his twin sister Kagamine Rin, and dovac for being Ore no imouto.

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3709.jpg

Caption: Reimu-variant from that Castlevania-alike doujin game

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3725.jpg

Caption: Fuuko

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3726.jpg

Caption: I was most pleased to see this Twenty cosplayer from Milky Holmes, one of last season's gems

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3732.jpg

Caption: あう あう あうぅ~!

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3736.jpg

Caption: A cute Kyousuke and Sasasasasasasami pair from Little Busters!

It’s remarkably fulfilling to have people ask for photos, and it happened a good number of times. By Ayu’s reckoning there were many more requests here than any US convention he’s attended in the past, which is probably quite a few, given that he’s been cosplaying since 2003 (a bit longer than me). He was absolutely bossing it, handing out namecards to other cosplayers after taking photos.

As positive reactions go it’s a close call between a group of local vocaloid cosplayers flipping their shit (en-AU translation: freaking the fuck out) at getting cards from a gaijin, and a web news channel deciding that we looked interesting enough to interview \o/

Personal favourite: walking past two cute girls in cosplay who’d clearly been checking us out, smiling, and getting an “OMGOMGOMG!!” response - I won’t lie, I felt like such a boss in that moment.

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3744.jpg

Caption: Peering over at the cosplay square

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3746.jpg

Caption: The cosplay square gets stupidly busy later on - we got out early

Sorry, no photos of us for you. Maybe this is a common problem, I’m not sure; we’re both photographers people who want to cosplay. If noone else if your party is photographically inclined, you’re kinda screwed and can’t get awesome photos :<

We were going to call it quits for the day until we spotted a row of pimped-out cars from the plaza on top of the west halls - itashas! Unless you’re otherwise involved, these things are funny beasts. They’re garish and tend to be done with a “more is better” aesthetic, but for some reason they’re often fun to look at.

I’m not a “car person”, but Ayu is and he’s having a ball.

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3754.jpg

Caption: You can’t go wrong with a bucket full of Miku

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3794.jpg

Caption: GalDeMo, it’s all about the Yui-nyan I tell ya’

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3758.jpg

Caption: Spotted these Kagamine fumofumos stashed away in someone’s boot

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3796.jpg

Caption: Miku/Luka is really nice, something different, and moderately restrained for a change

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3770.jpg

Caption: This car’s theme was… Java?? Check out that Engrish, crikey!

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3772.jpg

Caption: JESUS CHRIST IT’S A STIG, GET IN THE–oh hang on a sec…

alt-text placeholder for 20121229-DSC_3805.jpg

Caption: Yeah baby, gimme grungy! I reckon this Lancia Stratos wouldn’t be out of place in a Burnout game

Super Sonico is a commercial piece, it belongs to Nitroplus rather than the usual deranged otaku with money to burn. This dude has some photos from less AWESOME angles.

The Lancia Stratos HF was hot stuff in the mid-70’s, though a friend points out this is probably a kit car and not an original - the body panels line up too well for a real Lancia :P

Absolutely buggered. Got a taxi back to Shin-Kiba, we didn’t bother changing back into civvies first. I’m all for blending-in while in Japan, but fuck it I like my cosplay. Somehow didn’t collapse into bed face first. Akira isn’t giving me flak about trapping like I expect he might, I guess he’s actually not fussed, or too tired to care. Tomorrow will be… interesting.