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Comiket day 2 – Cosplayers and Cars, B-side

Mostly a photo post today. Exhaustion and doujin were in great supply.

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Caption: Bodies of the victims are wrapped and placed on tarpaulins around the edge of the entrance plaza as authorities struggle to deal with the aftermath

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Caption: This chap had a fun lighting rig: a pair of diffused SB-600s on brackets, probably triggered by the camera’s popup

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Caption: Perfection! This Sakura is absolutely gorgeous

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Caption: Pretty sure we’ve got a Sheryl Nome here, unless I’m mistaken

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Caption: Pirates! Wait WTF?? These guys were COOL

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Caption: Who needs a car when you’re a teleporter? Oh nevermind. JUDGEMENT DESU NO… KOUSOKU-SHIMASU!

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Caption: Most itasha are quite garish, but I kinda like this one. Not only is it comprehensive, it’s a rare treat to find something so consistent in its aesthetic

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Caption: Also a healthy number of bikes on display, I think this was one of the nicer ones

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Caption: Not quite sure what model this is, but it’s… very pink. There’s no markings at all, but we suspect it’s an old-school Japanese sports car. Also note the wing mirrors mounted down the bonnet, characteristic of local taxis

Ast found out the hard way that Usotsukiya makes some very nice, but very deviant Touhou books. The bonus item for his C79 book was this pair of tights.

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Caption: Bonus socks with Usotsukiya’s C79 book

Specifically, “Kagiyama Hina’s calamity attracting, freshly taken-off black stockings”. Ast ultimately decided that it wasn’t quite to his tastes, so he sold the lot to cyan who was happy to take them off his hands. Danbooru has a clear, high-res version of the picture.

We got a taxi back to Shin-Kiba and had dinner at the Sukiya across the road from the station, it looks like a pretty normal famiresu sorta place. The food is cheap, plentiful and hearty - exactly what we need, we’re about ready to collapse on the spot. I think everyone got big bowls of the gyuudon, and it cost us like 600yen each.