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Comiket day 3 – Tactical Doujin-Buying Action

I swear comiket is always like this, there’s one day that has all the stuff you want, while the other two days are yukkuri. Today is that friggen’ day.

Getting even less sleep than the past two nights, we’re out to queue even earlier. Turns out it’s the same story for everyone else, it was definitely busier this morning. Hell, we’re queuing to queue up :<

We spend our time standing in line rehearsing our circle hit-lists, poring over the dead-tree catalogue one last time. Mine’s pretty ambitious, I’ve got 20 circles prioritised into must-get (eefy and lunatic joker), do-want, and acquire-if-feasible.

It was a cakewalk. We had pretty-good spots in the outside carpark queues, but I didn’t even have to wait for eefy (a wall circle!), and lunatic joker was an easy line-up. Staffers in cosplay had us in two lines snaking across a few columns of tables. The girl standing next to me seemed normal enough, but she was fidgeting alot and avoiding eye contact with anyone else. I could swear she was muttering something under her breath repeatedly, I guess even fujoshi are really awkward.

The only thing I couldn’t get was 東M-12, Firstspear - it was kanbai’d. This is the guy who’s moe-fied the governor of Tokyo to speak out against the proposed “loli ban” legislation, so its popularity is kinda understandable.

With the east halls exhausted I wandered over to the west halls. All the circles I’m interested in are on the wall or shutters, so it’s basically a lost cause. I do, however, spot the other cosplay display area used at Big Sight. It’s the one with rolling green mounds like a minigolf course, and it takes me a fucking eternity to figure out how to get down there while navigating stairs, one-way corridors and taped-off sections. It’s nice, but it’s really too cramped by now, and I’m carrying too much.

alt-text placeholder for 20101231-DSC_3967.jpg

Caption: Blitz picked up this little piece of display art as a freebie from an industry booth during tear-down, it’s about postcard size


Wanting nothing more from the day I met up with Omochikaeri and Retro’ on the entrance plaza, where we spent the last precious hours of daylight sitting down watching the zettai ryouiki pass us by.

It’s really very therapeutic, I’d suggest you try it.

Tonari de cosplay (となコス)

The event’s name is a giveaway, it’s literally a neighbouring cosplay event to comiket [homepage]. In its favour it does stay open much later than comiket, but it’d still be awful trying to buy doujin at ‘ket, then go cosplay at TonaCos :/

Since our last trip two years ago I’ve wanted to investigate this cosplay event that’s held in parallel with comiket, at the TFT building next door. Nadleeh and Madara were there at the time, you can recognise the venue because it appears in So Many Cosplay Photos It’s Not Funny. Seriously:

  • Birch-coloured wood panelled walls and polished wooden floors like a modern lecture theatre
  • Tiled carpets in the common areas
  • That Bloody Balcony overlooking the walkway outside
  • White marble pillars near the glass walls

I think I managed to round up Doc and/or cyan before we went over to check it out, the power-level of this thing is huge.

It’s inexcusable that I’ve done no research into this, but it was pretty intimidating after seeing a staffer chase off some tourist trying to take photos through the windows. There wasn’t really an obvious entrance, and it looks like an event for cosplayers and photographers only. Without gawking you’ve gotta be a participant, which seems commendable to me.

With Omochikaeri as our six-foot-tall bleached-blonde trump card, we entertained the thought of gaijin-smashing our way in there. We did decide against it in the end, but I’ll be back one day, mark my words…

Checking out

Taxi back to Shin-Kiba, dinner at Sukiya again (またスキヤのですか!>_<). We’re getting lots of weird looks from people, I guess they could smell the bags of doujin. I swear some university weightlifting team rolled in halfway through our meal, thank christ for someone else drawing aggro off us.

We eventually got our shit together, lots of packing up to be done. Everyone else is staying at Shin-Kiba for a final night, while Ast and I are hotfooting it back to Sakura Hotel. Carted all our stuff to the station (pain), to Tokyo (lots of walking once again at Tokyo station), to Kanda (some pain carrying it to Big Echo), fit all inside the karaoke room somehow.

We got the nomihoudai deal for unlimited beer, so everyone got totally bellige. Dunno ‘bout you, but I think blasting out Only My Railgun at maximum volume is possibly one of the best ways to ring in the new year.

Agi was flailing around like a madman after a few beers so we had to take the bottles away from him. Eventually got a cab back to Sakura Hotel around 26:00, best 980yen we’ve ever spent. I was planning to do some laundry this evening, but y’know what? Zzzz…..