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Blitzing Nagoya castle

Akira and Blitz not arriving in Nagoya until the evening, take it very easy in the morning.

Leave Toyoko Inn at Kanazawa around 11:00, they’d charge us extra if we stayed longer :<

Konbini food again, bread and coffee is becoming something of a staple for us.

Kanazawa -> Maibara -> Nagoya, about 4hrs of travel.

Drop luggage at hotel and head out again for the castle. Nagoya city has a lot of interesting architectural bits and pieces. Why does it feel like Tokyo lacks them? Is Tokyo already too familiar?

I’m loving these skies and sunsets, it feels like I’m in a Shinkai film. Why do I have such difficulty capturing this on camera? And what is it that Shinkai understands about them such that he can reproduce them so well?

Do we have these in Australia? I sometimes wonder if I miss them because I don’t have a visitor’s eyes.

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Caption: I put the blame for our (my) fetishistic attraction to miko squarely on Japan’s religious duopoly of Buddhism and Shintoism (though it clearly has to do with the latter). Minorities like this church of St. George are positively rare, so it was odd to travel a couple of blocks from our hotel and walk right past one

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Caption: A pair of combatant dragons guard the gate

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Caption: “We can’t stop here, this is maid country!” For a place purporting to be the maid district, I was disappointed by the distinct lack of maids :<

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Caption: South-west tower of the castle

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Caption: One of the smaller secondary buildings showcases an exhibit of papercraft and dollmaking. This is one of a few dozen glass cabinets depicting a royal parade with a cast of hundreds of entertainers and noble figures

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Caption: All the cool kids are using focus tricks and photoshop frippery to make landscape photos look like miniature models. Nuts to that, I’m just taking photos of miniatres (it’s far more efficient). Nagoya castle’s main and sub-donjons, in all their miniature glory!

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Caption: Example of a Buguya (武具屋), a merchant dealing in weapons and armour. To the right of the lamp is a rack of swords and polearms. To the left you can make out two sets of traditional armour

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Caption: Matchlock rifles used for castle defence. The example at the bottom of the display case is 2.5m long! The cross-section is octagonal, like Marisa’s hakkero (NB. this fact may be 100% irrelevant)

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Caption: Sun setting over Nagoya, from the main donjon of the castle

Met Akira, Blitz and Leon for dinner. Yamachan is a local KFC-alike chain (with a terrible mascot chara). Their chicken wings are great stuff, we end up ordering about 40 of them between the five of us, with a couple of other dishes. 6880yen for the lot, which we think is pretty alright (86AUD, slightly more in USD, lol)

Hit up a local gaming arcade, interesting to see how they do things a little differently compared to Tokyo. Got a pair of Jubeat machines, I can feel myself improving already. Tried ‘Railgun on Advanced difficulty and didn’t fail, huzzah; love the flow of it. DDR X2 machine here, wish I had more appropriate shoes right now.

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Caption: I don’t remember how many times I played this song, but it’s been getting a lot of action seeing as it’s now in both DDR X2 and Jubeat. The official ‘Railgun stepchart is good though I wish it were a bit tougher, unlike the net/ITG ones which are sloppy and speedfucked (only 18 カロリs? damn.)

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Caption: There’s an abundance of interesting buildings near the station. I dunno what this is, but it looks cool

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Caption: The JR Central Towers, housing a Marriott hotel and JR Central’s headquarters, amongst other things. It’s alleged that this is the world’s biggest train station complex by floor area, but I don’t buy it - it’s not like there’s train platforms up there, it doesn’t friggen’ count!

Japanese TV situation still pretty dire, though tonight’s show about how to do little magic tricks was kinda cool.