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Chilling in Nagoya (unfinished)

Wake up late, meet Akira, walk around and shop.

Nagoya is a very relaxed sorta place, not busy like Tokyo. It also seems to lack gritty parts, unlike Tokyo. Even in the CBD, roads are wide, buildings are comparatively low-rise. It does have “the largest train station” (JR Takashimaya), but I call bullshit on this - offices and shops don’t count as part of the “station”.

We hit up what is apparently the biggest Toranoana in the country and buy up, Ast and Akira discuss the merits of buying a Working!! design artbook for 6300yen.

Burnt a good chunk of my cash here, also got the Cradle artbook I was after. There’s a signing event with Misaki Kurehito at the end of the month, but that’s no good for me, so I can’t register for it.

Also spent time looking around Mandarake, animate and Melonbooks. Managed to restrain the urge to buy up.

Dinner with Blitz at Yabaton, they specialise in miso-based stuff. Had the katsu, very nice.

Finished up and headed back to hotel, parted ways with Blitz and Akira, latter catching the 23:00 bus back to Tokyo. Would’ve been nice to do some cosplay photos with Blitz (came prepared), but was a bit too inconvenient.

No photos from today, nothing visually exciting to show.