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Saki, Shiojiri, Nagano (unfinished)

Saki locations, out to Shiojiri, which is a couple of stops away on the JR line.

Snow between Nagano and Shiojiri, though little at either end, which was kinda convenient.

Walked around a shrine adjacent to the rail tracks, lovely place for some quiet contemplation. Slight chill in the air without being uncomfortable. Practically soundless despite the location.

No visitors seen nor any residents, but clearly in use.

Some easy stuff around the station, though a building has since been demolished, which is a pain in the arse.

Travelled back to Nagano and checked for hitting up some remote locations, would’ve been 1hr wait, then 100min travel, by which time it’d be 5pm(?) or so. Even coming back immediately, you’d get back to Nagano at about 8pm - no good.

Wasn’t planned, but dug up info on locations in Nagano city itself, found some near Zenkoujishita on the NagaDen subway line, three stations away.

Easily found, up a somewhat steep hill, some steps. Pressing on, found ourselves at Zenkouji temple, which is a huge plot of land with many buildings associated with the temple.


Nagano city was basically built around the temple, hence its size. Gardens very nice to walk around, there’s a model of a cow in one garden… O_o

Leave as it’s getting quite dark, only just 5pm. Snowing lightly, but it’s not lasting on the ground. Back to Nagano station, dinner on the way back, mcdonalds again.

If nothing else, this is being fairly light on the wallet. 670 for breakfast on suica (already sunk cost), 790 on konbini sandwiches for lunch, 400 yen for dinner; 1860 total