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Moved the blog to Jekyll

It’s about bloody time I did something.

I stumbled upon a blog post by TPW, one of the co-founders of Github. We dealt with him a fair bit while Github was a customer of Anchor, but it’s only right that I’d discover all the cool stuff after the fact. :/

Everything he wrote in Blogging Like a Hacker rang so utterly true for me. I like Wordpress a lot, and it’s dead-easy to use, but there were always little things that annoyed me.

For example, if I wanted to post a lot of photos from my travels, and display a gallery, and be able to link full-size versions, but not embed full-size versions in the gallery, and… many other things, I couldn’t see a way to do that. And I also wanted captions extracted from the EXIF data, because keeping that in more than one place is just dumb.

Jekyll doesn’t fix this, but it gives me a little system that I can probably hack up to do what I want, without too much effort. I was keeping this in Zine because of the Python-love, but Zine has been dormant for a while, offers no support at all for my photo problem, and would have you use a crazy markup format called ZEML. Which is a nice idea, except that the docs are basically that it’s undocumented.

So you install the Markdown parser plugin for Zine instead. And here we are today using Jekyll.