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Shooting with the Einstein E640 on location

Originally posted to my Google+ account, edited for current context

This isn’t actually that specific to the E640, it’s more about dragging studio gear out into the field. I took some of the lighting kit out one morning last week for its first “real” test. Observations were made and lessons were learnt:

  • The 24-70mm laughs like Okarin in the face of lens-flare, this is awesome!


  • If you’re planning on shooting without the camera in your hands, plan to pack a tripod

  • If you’re planning on taking a tripod, remember to pack the bloody tripod!

  • The “Strobies Delta” RF shutter release is a great little unit, but couldn’t manage more than several metres range without having the antenna extended. Maybe the batteries are running low

  • Shot-bags would probably be useful, if inconvenient. Now I wonder how the big lightstand would hold up

  • Seriously, they should use umbrellas on the Sydney-to-Hobart yachts, I bet they’d go even faster!

  • Flash-sync speed is king if you’re battling direct sunlight. Failing that, you need MOAR POWAH!

  • Allow an extra hour of prep time when setting your alarm clock.

  • Then set it back another hour.

And I still hate colour management. Why does the same file look different on Firefox, IE and Chrome?

I’ve written a little bit more about the units themselves, too. Go on and have a gander if you want to know more about this lovely gear.

Questions are welcome.

alt-text placeholder for DSC_7771.jpg

Caption: Flare? What flare? [3.5 MiB]

alt-text placeholder for DSC_7794.jpg

Caption: Whoo, colours. I only wish I’d managed to get there earlier, missed the 05:52 sunrise by a long way. Not according to keikaku :/ [1.9 MiB]

alt-text placeholder for DSC_7820.jpg

Caption: Obligatory retro treatment; wasted potential never looked so good! So lemme get this straight - kids these days get nostalgic for a period of time that they never experienced. Colour me cyanotypedly cynical. [763 KiB]

alt-text placeholder for DSC_7878.jpg

Caption: The colour ain’t as nice, but I like this pose much more. [1.0 MiB]

alt-text placeholder for DSC_7925_bent_shaft_rear-side.jpg

Caption: “I don’t think it’s meant to bend like that…” [185 KiB]

alt-text placeholder for DSC_7926_bent_shaft_rear.jpg

[258 KiB]