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Miku Daikanshasai 2012 - It Is On

Shit son, looks like I’m heading to Japan in March - Omochikaeri and I are going because we damn well can.

Also for the Miku concerts on March 8th and 9th.

alt-text placeholder for miku2012_jetstar_itinerary.png

Caption: Flights are booked, there’s no backing out now.

Depart on the 3rd, return on the 11th.

For the record, this whole lottery system to get concert tickets is an utter shitshow. We won tickets for MikuPa on the 8th, but had to buy tickets off of Yahoo Auctions for Kanshasai on the 9th. Yes it’s basically supporting scalpers, but there just isn’t a better damned way so long as their sales model means scalping remains viable.

alt-text placeholder for one-off-telstra-bill.png

Caption: I’m gonna need a phone while we’re over there. How about I don’t rack up a $1,000 roaming data bill like last time, hmm?