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Guilty Crown bluray volume 1

So the reason I bought the aforementioned bluray drive: Guilty Crown. It was heavily oversold for what it ended up being, and almost bests Index/Railgun for the chuu-ni byou crown. I really love redjuice’s designs though, and some of the characters are just so much fun to watch.

The blurays also come with tokuten[?] goods, which is what I was really after. The first bluray comes with a copy of the storyboard for ep01, prints of the endplate images, a CD with alternate mixes of the themes, and a little booklet with various nice things.

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Caption: Clear plastic slipcase for the disc and storyboard book, it has some of the magic “wisps” sweeping across it

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Caption: The storyboard book is 210 pages! It’s always interesting to compare styles between designers (cf. Ikuhara, for example)

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Caption: Cover of storyboard and disc-pack

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Caption: Discs and omake booklet. Oh god Inori is gorgeous :>

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Caption: The omake book contains some little 4koma strips, clearly the same artist doing the chibi stuff on the endplate art

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Caption: Lyrics for the insert song that accompanies badass usage of Void powers! I never realised it was in German

One of the cute extras on the bluray itself is the semi-animated 4koma shorts. About 30 seconds each, they’re a facsimile of the printed strips in the booklet, with some motion and very cute voice acting. Very nice.

alt-text placeholder for ぎる亭くら雲_snapshot_00.15_[2012.01.26_01.23.02].jpg

Caption: Mogu-mogu-mogu-mogu~

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Caption: Fyu-neru-kun no Ofuro Set! Fanged-Tsugumi is cute, too

Worth it? Well, I think so. Amazon sells ‘em for about 5200yen, which I think is okay. I’m looking forward to volume 2, due for release next month and with more delicious goodies.