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Kurisu wigs arrived

Huzzah! This puts me one step closer to having my Kurisu cosplay ready before heading off to Japan. I’m really starting to get a bit paranoid about it, and given my track record it’s not surprising.

alt-text placeholder for DSC_8493_kurisu_wigs.jpg

Caption: I think the colours are rendered pretty accurately here - for my money, I like the browner one on the left

As is usual, I got more than one because it’s impossible to tell what they’ll actually look like until you receive them. Ebay is basically full of sellers selling a very narrow range of products, all using the same sample photos (so as to be maximally unhelpful). The red one here has Gekkou branding on the photos, while the other has a QQ messaging ID watermarked across it \o/

I haven’t assessed the styling yet, hopefully it won’t be too much of a pain in the arse. Seriously, why do so many character designs have a lock of hair coming right down the middle of the forehead? It’s unbelievably annoying in reality.