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Kurisu shorts completed

If I may say so, these look damn fine now that they’re finished.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8752.jpg

Caption: Pinned in place, ready for sewing. They already have a rolled-up hem, which gives them an elegant touch of formality that I love, but it was too long to keep.

From MNG, they’re a fair bit nicer than the really cheap ones from SES.

They did need a bit of work to make them fit right; the waistband was too high, and the legs were too long. I could pull the waistband down to sit on the hips, but that leaves a huge void in the crotch area - it really needs to be snug-fitting there.

I ended up folding some fabric out of the way to shorten the front-back seam, the fold running left-right across the saddle, which worked great to reduce the rise of the crotch and conveniently narrows the legs a bit. They were still a bit baggy, so I popped a dart into the thighs.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8758.jpg

Caption: All finished, nice and neat. I was lazy: instead of trimming the length and re-hemming, I just folded it up inside and stitched it in place.

The only thing that annoys me is the lack of belt loops, there’s three. Would it have killed them to have a loop on the left and right sides?