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Material for Kurisu jacket

Went out to the Remnant Warehouse this morning on the way to work, barely made it there in time for the midday-rule. >_<

A successful mission though, I picked up this wonderful fabric for Kurisu’s jacket. I’d not heard of it before, the material is apparently a “ponte”. Lincraft had something similar (also called a Ponte de Roma), but I wasn’t quite as sold on it.

I was put off at first by the slightly smooth/almost-shiny finish, thinking I really wanted one of the nearby jerseys, but none of the jersey rolls were the right colour. The ponte turns out to be the perfect colour, and while it feels a bit heavy, it drapes to perfection taking all the little creases and folds.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8811.jpg

Caption: Jacket material, white ribbing for the cuffs and base hem, and cobalt-blue bias binding. I’ll be using the bias binding to do the colour details on her blouse, the colour is much closer than the royal-blue ribbon I had in mind.

I’m hoping this won’t come and bite me, but I’m going to use an existing zip-up hoodie to sew this. The hoodie fits just fine, so I’ll be tracing panel outlines and sewing them together somewhat haphazardly. Thankfully it’s not a terribly critical garment, seeing as she wears it off the shoulders anyway (so fashion-forward!).