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Kurisu blouse completed

Now that I have the bias binding, I can make Kurisu’s blouse pretty…

Picked up a fairly plain white blouse at Myer the other week, by Marcs for $99. It’s overkill, of course, but another school blouse wouldn’t cut it this time - the neckline won’t take a tie and it doesn’t have a top button. The Marcs blouse is well-cut, long-sleeved, slightly stretchy and very soft.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8819.jpg

Caption: Let’s begin! Size 14 seems to have been the right choice. I was mostly selecting from the rack based on shoulder width measurements, and a few minutes in the changerooms confirmed it.

The weird corners and bends around the collar line were a right bitch, I swear it took like half an hour before I even put the first stitch into it. I started at the top button on the left and just worked my way around with continuous bias binding.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8820.jpg

Caption: Seeing as noone really knows what the deal is with her top button, I figured this would look about right. It’s a pity I suck at putting bias binding around corners.

I got most of the way around and then hit the collar point. Instead of trying to bend it around, I stopped and restarted. Starting a piece of narrow bias binding is hard, becuase my machine tends to lose it in the feed dogs - it doesn’t stay where it should, and rolls out, which is really annoying when you’re trying to do something simple. In the end, I put some sticky tape on to hold it in place while I get started (good idea!) but it’s difficult to remove afterwards.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8823.jpg

Caption: And the fit? Well, it looks alright. The rough corners are visible, but I think it’ll be pretty moot at any distance people are likely to see it.

I also had to fabricate a breast pocket, as the blouse has no such fripperies. Aside from a minor placement issue I think it came up nicely. For wearing I think it’ll be best with a corset, and that means pulling in a lot of loose material too. Might add some more darts in the back to take care of that.