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Measuring Kurisu

Let’s just ditch reality for a moment, ‘cause it’s boring. Fantasy is way more interesting. My Steins;Gate fanbook has chara profiles for everyone, let’s have a look at Kurisu’s.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8850.jpg

Caption: FFFFUUU— 56cm waist!!

To be fair, it makes enough sense for her to be that skinny when she’s only 160cm tall. Okabe towers over her, but it’s a normal enough height for a Japanese female.

Now, the latest issue of the (sydney) magazine came out last weekend, and it had an article about models, featuring Miranda Kerr. It’s very nice of them to include little fact-boxes for her and the other models they interviewed.

alt-text placeholder for kerr3_DSC_8829.jpg

Caption: Ooh, this is just like a heroine character profile from a visual novel, all it’s missing is her blood-type and weight.

So Miranda Kerr is my height, and has a 61cm waist. Where did the rest of her go!? I take it all back, visual novels don’t seem so unreasonable any more. The real freaks of nature are right here, walking amongst us. All the other girls they interviewed have 3サイズ hovering around 80/61/90 and a similar height.

Using a corset pulls the waist in to about 65cm, my mind boggles at the idea of anything thinner even existing. *sigh* Who said body image issues were a girl thing, eh?