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Kurisu's jacket completed

Kurisu’s jacket is finally finished! Not a moment too soon either, I’m quite relieved. It wasn’t terribly hard, I just had to get it done.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8858.jpg

Caption: Cheapie hoodie jacket from Jay Jays, sure beats trying to hack up a pattern from scratch.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8862.jpg

Caption: Homer, you’ve ruined a perfectly good jacket!

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8923.jpg

Caption: Sewing on sleeves is the bane of my existence :/

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_8926.jpg

Caption: Almost done! Only the bottom trimming remains. The zipper isn’t actually needed, it’s just there so you can see where it would normally go.

alt-text placeholder for kurisu_DSC_9108.jpg

Caption: The arm belts to hold the jacket in place when it’s not on her shoulders, I’ll clip the ends shorter before using them.

Cutting up the reference-jacket was definitely the right way to go, it was fairly straightforward and the results are pleasing. You’ll be able to see the finished product when I get some photos taken.