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Arrival in Japan

An uneventful trip is the best type of trip, got to Tokyo without any hassles. We met a guy at Cairns airport who works for Yahoo! in Australia, whom we later established is a friend of one of Trej’s housemates - small world and getting smaller.

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Caption: We passed over this small chain of islands about 90min after leaving Cairns, but I’m not sure of the location. Looks like northern PNG.

Opted to catch the NEX into Tokyo, as they have a fantastic deal going where foreigners can get a return ticket plus 1500yen on a Suica for just 5500yen. Even without the Suica it’s a 500yen discount, an easy sell.

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Caption: The NEX has these new security wires in the luggage storage area. Really not convinced they’re necessary, but nifty all the same. The thought did occur to us that you could cross them all over the compartment like a spiderweb and cause a lot of trouble for other people.

After dropping our stuff at the hotel we went out for food. Matsuya is right near JR Akiba, and entirely effort-free.

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Caption: 500ml longneck of beer with your dinner? Yes please. 900yen for the curry and beer, doing it right.

With nothing better to do we hit up Don Quixote. They open until 5am, so it’s ideal for insomniacs and tourists alike.

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Caption: Some cute Nekomura Iroha sneakers we found at random

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Caption: What is this I don’t even… Not only is it a kncokoff of the Hitachi Magic Wand, it’s massively and impractically (illegally..?) large!

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Caption: Kneesocks are plentiful at Don Quixote \o/

I like the fact that Don Quixote has a couple floors of arcades at the top, which means you can still get your game on well after the other arcades have closed for the night.

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Caption: fripSide repruhzənt! It’s a New DDR. I don’t recall the name of this iteration, as it was too noisy to pay attention - they have five of these machines in a row!

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Caption: Against my better judgement I got this suspicious strawberry yoghurt liqueur. 16% strength but it has a little burn. Pleasant enough and inoffensive.

We also got a bunch of different glowsticks to test, we don’t have all the stuff we expected to have on hand. Oddly, the high-brightness sticks are slightly cheaper (148yen) than the normal-brightness ones (180yen).

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Caption: Luka-san~!

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Caption: Getting glowsticks to photograph well is very hard. The camera tends to spazz out in monochromatic light, but it’s reasonably good with a mixture of colours (you’ll still saturate your channels though). Along with the hi-bright red and white, we’ve got lo- and hi-bright greens and pink, a hi-bright orange, and a couple of ultras in the bottom left with the wide bodies.

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Caption: One-man lightshow