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Ginza and Akiba, eroge buying

Hit up a few toy stores in Ginza so Trej could find some playing cards. Not really much to see otherwise, though it was interesting that one of the main streets was closed off as a pedestrian mall, much like Akiba’s Chuo-dori.

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Caption: Display window of a specialty Baumkuchen store, this thing looked really delicious.

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Caption: Belgian waffles! There was a bit of a queue though, and we’re lazy :<

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Caption: It’s that Hermes building again, right next to the Sony store.

There’s a little shop in JR Yurakucho that sells mini-taiyaki with several different fillings, including chocolate, cheese, caramel, banana, azuki and a couple more. As well as being delicious, you can watch the owner cook them in the window.

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Caption: Uguu~

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Caption: You can buy 16, 23 or 33. The obvious choice was 16, having the greatest number of factors. Forcing someone to buy 23 could induce an OCD panic attack. I chose choco/caramel/custard/cheese.

It later occurred to me that if I’d bought a few sets, I could’ve reproduced some pretty danmaku patterns.

Before leaving Ginza we hit up Tokyu Hands so Trej could get a horse head mask - seriously, when don’t you need one of these?

I picked up a little pouch for the macbook, one of these Dr Ion B5 multi case things. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a shoulder strap, only a carry handle. I think I can rectify that myself (with a suitably ita-tastic strap), and I like the idea that I should be able to whip it out at a moment’s notice.

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Caption: Yo dawg, Xzibit got all over this d20, for just 262 yen.

We met up with Blitzwing and his Canadian friends in the afternoon, after hunting around Cospa and getting some loot. Finally got that Kurisu windbreaker that I’d been eyeing off since last November, and the Judgment armband.

Blitz had to take his friends back to their hotel, so we parted ways and had dinner at Tsujida. Timed it just right, as there was a good queue outside by the time we left.

We got some eroge buying done before turning in for the night, Trej managed to drop 40,000yen in Lammtara. Shini would be proud ( ‘‘)b

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Caption: Trej decided he had to try out this One Cup that’s a key element of Meiko’s character. Apparently it’s pretty good, so he chased it down with another one.

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Caption: I have no idea what this is, I think it’s some sort of whiskey. I managed to spill a bit of it while opening the lid, but it’s drinkable enough at 29% alcohol content.

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Caption: The gachapon machines at Club Sega have these little Pentax figures. You can stick them to your hotshoe, cute!