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Megane and Radio Kaikan

Actually that wasn’t the whole story from last night. We were hungry after taking photos, and Blitz convinced us that a maid cafe was a good idea. Trej was only a little peckish, but specifically wanted a parfait. LittleBSD was an option, but they don’t do parfaits. A famiresu like Denny’s or Gusto would do parfait, but where’s the fun in that?

In the end we settled on Cos-Cha, a cosplay cafe that Mouse once said he had a just-average experience at, but we were willing to give it a shot, and Blitz had been there before.

Being asked whether you’d like to sit at normal tables or the schooldesks is a surreal experience, but we took the boring option. It seems tonight’s theme is nurses. With thigh-highs :3

You can’t take photos there, but the girl serving us is Yuichi (isn’t that a guy’s name?), who’s been working there for about a month. According to some of her posts on the cafe’s blog, she doesn’t mean to have a dojikko character, but she’s been given that label by her coworkers nonetheless. I’ll buy that, she was very cute when getting flustered trying to find parfaits on the electronic menu-notepads.

alt-text placeholder for DS7_0021.jpg

Caption: The girls are cute and the skirts are short. Come visit sometime.

I’m still in the Kurisu cosplay, which she got very excited about as she’s also a fan of Steins;Gate. We had a good round of Tutturu~ at the table. She says she used to cosplay more, but it became too much like work after she started. I guess that’s kind of an occupational hazard.

Highlight of the evening: Trej and I had been pretty quiet in the conversation thanks to our weak conversational skills, whereas Blitz was going in guns-blazing. Apparently something about the conversation had gotten her curious about my cosplay, it clicked when I heard her say “美人(bijin)”. She asked if I was a boy or a girl shortly after, and flipped out in surprise when I replied with “男の娘(otoko no ko)” :D

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Successful trap vs. waitress in a maid cafe

As things go, Cos-Cha seems like a decent place, and it’s not hideously expensive. Plus they serve alcohol, which is never a bad thing. We suspect it’s why there’s a bunch of middle-aged salarymen there, having a drink and admiring the cute waitresses. Weekends are themed nights - if we can make it there on Saturday we’ll catch the sukumizu and thighhighs day. \o/

So that was last night. I arranged to meet up with Blitz in the morning to see if we could take some photos using flash-tricks, but it wasn’t working well. We called it quits and he went to catch his train back to Nagoya. Getting reactions from people on the street is still awesome.

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Caption: I picked up a secondhand copy of Steins;Gate from K-Books, it might as well be done while I’m in Kurisu-mode. This is the cute fake-8bit edition they made.

Trej sent me a message saying he’d found Candy Fruit Optical, a glasses store with maids that I’d planned to visit. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of maids, but you can’t just tack them on everything and expect it to be good. Candy Fruit Optical (CFO) is an interesting case in that it’s been around for several years, so they’re seriously doing something right.

One thing I saw on their site that I wanted was a pair of Mari’s glasses from Evangelion. My rough reading of the page however suggested that they were a very limited edition, and my fears that they’d be sold-out were confirmed after Trej helped stumble through a bit of Japanese.

alt-text placeholder for mari_glasses_with_case.jpg

Caption: Can’t get them, they’re kanbai’d :(

One thing that had caught my eye was the Eva-unit themed glasses. I wasn’t entirely sold on them online, but they looked really good in person. The maid was enthusiastic and helpful, so I tried them on in Asuka’s red/white livery. I don’t dig the Unit-01 (purple-with-green) and Unit-05 (green-with-yellow) colour schemes at all, but if the Unit-00 (yellow-with-white) frame was in-stock it would’ve been very stiff competition against Asuka.

alt-text placeholder for DS7_0018.jpg

Caption: 24,150 yen is just shy of AUD $300, but to hell with that, I wanted them.

I really liked them, so I got them. One of the best things about them is the fit. The three pairs of glasses I have from Ogi are cool, but they’re too damned narrow. We can’t wait a week to get prescription lenses fitted, so I’ll have to hassle my brother for help. Until then I can always wear them with contacts.

Other cute things they have: Katherine McBride’s glasses from the game Catherine, Barnaby’s glasses from TIGER&BUNNY, and Bayonetta and Jeanne from Bayonetta.

It’s great to see how much they’re into it and it especially shines through on their website, with regular posts and lots of silliness in the name of fun. Before leaving we checked out the rest of the store’s three levels. The Master was up on level 2 with the workbench and a fancy tea set, while level 3 has maid outfits and accessories for sale.

While walking around Akiba we spotted a Kurisu and Feyris cosplayer taking photos. Kinda wish I’d gone and hassled them now, but I really didn’t feel up to it at the time. I gotta work on being more outgoing and sociable :(

alt-text placeholder for DSCF0487.jpg

Caption: That Feyris is so tall! Canonically I think she’s actually the shortest member of the cast >_>

Before heading back to the hotel we got lunch (at 16:00) at a famiresu near the station called Becker’s. It’s not a bad little place, and they seem really keen on cheese all throughout the menu. That gets a thumbs up in my book, and their two-cheese burger didn’t disappoint. Many fine examples of zettai ryouiki were also documented.

Blitz told me he’d heard that they’re pulling down the facade of Radio Kaikan tonight. This is literally the last chance to see it, and here I am; what timing!

alt-text placeholder for DSCF0491.jpg

Caption: This poster is from when the building was still standing, and they installed the time machine at the top of the building. I wish I’d been here to see it, but this isn’t so bad.

I was really lazy, so I didn’t get out there until about 24:30. I saw people with tripods leaving when I got there, so yeah I kinda missed it. I shot a few photos of the cranes and also tried out the P400 for video. It runs fine, but I don’t expect much to show up on the ASA 100 film.

alt-text placeholder for DS7_9510.jpg

Caption: This dude’s itasha was parked out the front, he’s just sitting there chillin’. It’s a nice job, possibly an official 5pb/Nitroplus one. When he stepped out of the car I noticed he was wearing a Jellyman hoodie and chuckled.

alt-text placeholder for DS7_9527.jpg

Caption: that’s the last of it, where the big red ラジオ会館 letters used to be.

Went back to the hotel afterwards and put some laundry on. While waiting for it to finish I decided to get stuck into the onikoroshi sake that Trej loves so much. He goes through 900ml cartons like nobody’s business, but I’m sticking with the easy 180ml carton. It’s good stuff, and easy to find at most konbini.

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Caption: It’s just as it looks. That’s right, it has a little plastic straw glued to the back, just like you’d pack into a school lunchbox >_>