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BRS jeans

I swear Cospa will be the death of me, with all their character goods that I want to buy. :/

My BRS jeans arrived today, they’re about as awesome as I hoped. I liked what I saw when they were announced for preorder a few months ago at AmiAmi, there’s lots of nice subtle touchs in the design.

Pictures first, other thoughts and notes below.

alt-text placeholder for brs_DS7_0376.jpg

Caption: The shooting star motif in BRS Blue is the major point of interest, and it’s abstract enough to avoid identifying you as a hopeless otaku. For better or worse, the badge will be hidden by your belt.

alt-text placeholder for brs_DS7_0377.jpg

Caption: Star-shaped rivets are a really nice touch; a tiny but unmistakeable detail. The top button of the fly is plain, I think it would’ve been nice if were detailed or special in some way.

alt-text placeholder for brs_DS7_0379.jpg

Caption: The bright blue contrast stitching looks great against the dark wash of the denim, and is used everywhere.

alt-text placeholder for brs_DS7_0387.jpg

Caption: The checkerboard motif on the pocket linings is a bit of hidden fun.

alt-text placeholder for brs_DS7_0391.jpg

Caption: Detail of the badge on the back of the waistband.

alt-text placeholder for brs_DS7_0393.jpg

Caption: Breaking chainlinks are stitched into the back left pocket, subtle enough to go unnoticed by mere mortals.

In all, very nice (as you’d hope for about 16,000yen before shipping). Guessing the correct size is always a bit of a hit-and-miss affair, I think I got pretty close.

The waistband feels a bit wide, it’s not touching my body at all. It is sitting about right on the hips though, so I blame my skinny waist. The belt will fix that, but it’ll be stiff for a little while.