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Back again

It seems I’m back again. Like last time, I didn’t sleep at all the night before my flight. I’ve had cosplay on my mind for the last few days, specifically that I wouldn’t get it done before departure.

I’m painfully aware that once I’m in Japan, doing any sewing for my Robotics;Notes cosplay will be really really hard. There’s also a deadline of the time that we actually get out to Tanegashima and Yakushima. I’ll figure something out.

I also fucked up royally and went to the international terminal at Sydney airport - forgot about that domestic leg of the trip. >_<

alt-text placeholder for DS8_0560.jpg

Caption: A four-hour stopover at the Gold Coast before continuing on to Japan. This sucks, but hey the flights were cheap. The terminal is bearable enough, and I get some napping in before we leave.

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Caption: I’m glad the plane for the long leg of the journey has seats in a 2-4-2 configuration. I’ve got an aisle seat, which means I can go to the toilet whenever I feel like it.

We took the Keisei Skyliner instead of the NEX this time, as it’s slightly cheaper. It’s a good train, we’ll definitely take it again if it’s more convenient.

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Caption: Every seat on the Keisei has power points! This is fantastic, and we set about charging our phones and laptops.

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Caption: The Keisei is nice and empty.

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Caption: A ticket for the Keisei is 2,400 yen, which is 600 yen less than the NEX. It’s zippy, too, taking 40min to get to Ueno.

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Caption: Travellers!

We don’t have internet access yet, but we managed to get to Akiba and crash at the hotel. We’re at Via Inn, the same place I stayed in when I last visited with Omochikaeri nine months ago.

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Caption: We’re on level 3 this time, which means our lucky font is Rotis Sans Serif. Akira will be pleased.