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To Shin-Kiba

It’s time to check out and get ourselves to Shin-Kiba for Comiket. At once, I’m pumped for this, but really not for all the hassle it entails. Anyway, there’s no time for that. Right now I really have too much stuff and not enough carrying capacity. I blow well past the nominal checkout time for Via Inn as I keep packing and organising stuff, and make a mad dash out to Akky to buy more 1000yen bags.

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Caption: Picked this up for Omochikaeri yesterday. Confirmed they’re white. :3

We’re off to Ikebukuro because… why not! We might be in a fujoshi paradise, but there’s still a few decent stores with cosplay stuff in them, as well as a branch or two of some lolita fashion labels.

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Caption: Had lunch with Blitz’s crew at Saizeriya. It’s cheap, 480yen with unlimited drinks! I still have no idea exactly what “Doria” is meant to be.

It’s starting to get dark, and cold, so I manage to convince everyone that now would be a really fantastic time to get some cold-weather gear from Uniqlo, which happens to be nearby. 4000 yen later, and I’ve got myself a pair of thermal leggings, some lightweight snow gloves, and a rather fetching convertible scarf/shawl.

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Caption: Metal Gear Revengeance tie-in for thermal pants, and just 990yen? I’m friggen sold! Alas, there’s no stock except in XL size, so I’m stuck with thermal leggings that aren’t a nanotech suit. :(

And so, we somehow hauled all our stuff on the long trip out to Shin-Kiba. I feel a little better about it this year because I’ve got my rolling suitcase, but it still weighs a freakin’ tonne and it’s cold and it sucks. It’s a tight squeeze this year at the dorm, we’ve got about a dozen people including the Blitz harem. Well, it’s cosy if nothing else.

Shin-Kiba is a depressing sort of place. It’s industrial and sparse, and doesn’t have much in the way of facilities. I’m still raring to go, to do something, so a bunch of us head back to Akiba for dinner and entertainment. It’s not like there’s anything to do at the dorm in Shin-Kiba, so there’s no point being there except to sleep and plan for Comiket the next day.

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Caption: What with me being mostly illiterate, I have no idea what we ordered at the yakitori restaurant. Chicken livers? Breast meat? Beef heart? Gall bladder?

The yakitori joint in the UDX building is pretty nice. It’s low-key with dim lighting, and you can sit at the bar if you really want to watch them grill the meat.

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Caption: Mmm, mystery meats are the best.

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Caption: Ooh, I know this one!

Planning for ‘ket is kind of a laugh, in the sense that it never really happens. People with enough presence of mind will rattle off a list of artists that they like, and offer to get extra books if they can be had. And that’s about it. You’d think that with our proximity to Big Sight we’d be able to get a decent amount of sleep, but it’s like being in primary school again. You never sleep on the first night at camp.

Me? I hear that Kantoku’s got a set for sale, and you just know that I’m a sucker for checked skirts.

Damage for the day: 16,946 yen with 3,338 of that on food.