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Say no to Comiket Day 2!

Day 2 of Comiket. I can’t do it, I’m just too tired and I just don’t care enough. dovac’s not in great shape and he’s popping double doses of pain pills like there’s no tomorrow, so we’re gonna rusuban the dorm while everyone else goes to suffer in the cold.

In between getting up for the odd snack and toilet break, I end up sleeping most of the day away, it feels so gooooodd~

The weather’s pretty miserable outside when everyone starts trickling back to the dorm around 16:00 or 17:00, and they get stuck into the instant noodles without delay. I have absolutely no regrets about staying inside, warm and snug.

I’ve been eating those cup noodles all day, and I’m not alone in thinking that it’s worth braving the elements to get some real food. A few of us set out to the Sukiya near the station intent on getting prodigious amounts of gyuudon, then hitting up Akiba (because just like yesterday, it’s not like there’s anything better to do).

alt-text placeholder for 20121230-DS8_0786.jpg

Caption: The wind is gusting like a mofo, making the driving rain all the more depressing. Our top halves are safe under umbrellas, but it doesn’t take long for our pants and shoes to soak through. There was a guy standing in front of the gate to that big dance club, Ageha, wearing a poncho and directing traffic into the carpark. So thankful I don’t have his job.

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Caption: Waiting at the crossing.

It’s about 19:00 by the time we actually wrap ourselves up and make our way up the road towards the station. There’s a surprising number of people walking around given the weather, maybe they’re hungry as well.

So it turns out that the Wangan runs through Shin-Kiba, like literally right behind the station. That’s the Wangan Route of illegal street racing fame, popularised by games like Maximum Tune. I’m a good kid, but damn if I don’t want to rent a car next time I’m here and go for a spin along there. If nothing else I imagine it’d be a reasonably stress-free piece of city driving.

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Caption: I’m looking forward to this~ We ate a lot, but there’s always room for dessert.

The effects of being cooped up all day must be kicking in, I just dropped 7,000 yen on goods at Melonbooks right after we got to Akiba. It’s not actually Comiket stuff, just stuff I’ve been keeping an eye out for like the new albums from Alstroemeria and EastNewSound.

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Caption: Itasha seem to hang around the Akiba Culture Zone building a lot. This is an interesting job, they’ve gone kit and kaboodle on a Merc.

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Caption: Yuki and Tsumugi isn’t the most obvious pairing in my mind, but I’m not complaining.

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Caption: Yes. I mean, no. I mean… whut?

From my recent forays into Don Quijote I’ve determined that their cosplay floor will have what I need. Also, I want to get a small hairdryer for the dorm so we can dry our shoes, so I drag Blitz up there.

The hairdryer is a bargain: 600 yen! Cosplay stuff is up on 5F, I need a basic school uniform to modify for my Robotics;Notes uniform. Making shirts is a pain in the arse, but I’m thinking I can take a normal sailor-type uniform and sew a layer of fabric straight on top where it’s needed. Uniform sets are 2,990 yen, that’ll do. Sizing is still a bit of a mystery and uhh… it’s not clear to either of us if there’s a changeroom where I could check the size. I’ll roll the dice on an L-size and see how it lands.

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Caption: The cute/punk aesthetic carries all the way around the car.

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Caption: This is apparently the title of a book by John Ray, a natural historian, written in the late 17th Century.

With our precious loot in hand we make our way back to Shin-Kiba and join the others in formulating plans for tomorrow. I’m still not convinced I want to go, but I might as well at least go and buy stuff.

One of Blitz’s Canadian comrades sells me her spare copy of a CD from Yanagi Nagi. I don’t really follow her, but it’s cheap and she’s done some stuff that I’m familiar with. These sorts of mystery items are far more interesting and bring a certain joy of their own. That’s what I want Comiket to be more about.

Damage for the day: 15,216 yen with 1,341 of that on food.