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Day 3: All In

Alright, I’m pumped for this! Seriously, if I don’t at least go check out some cosplay or something I’ll feel bad. That and I promised to buy some stuff for people.

  • Went to Comiket late, around 1pm, with Rick-Dom
  • Saw some cosplay, didn’t take photos of much

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Caption: Shooting out here is kinda tough, the sun is really harsh. The umbrella catches it very nicely though, making for a really soft backlight. Not sure what character she is.

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Caption: K-On! is popular as ever, I need Ast to tell me if the guitar is accurate. :3

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Caption: Happy to see a Kurisu here, though she’s a tiny bit sloppy.

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Caption: I love watching the crowd from up here, it’s like playing Where’s Wally. Can you spot a pair from Angel Beats? How many Inu x Boku cosplayers? An original TV series Asuka in school uniform? A maid? Naked Snake? Yoko’s huge gun? Madoka in school uniform?

  • Rolled around West halls real chill, picked up stuff for Retro and Omochikaeri

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Caption: Hm I guess 5/4TAKEPOD is sold out then…

  • Random CD acquisitions, Brilliantez and something else

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Caption: At the end of the day, just… relaxing.

  • Photos of sunset over Ariake

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Caption: The sun’s dropping quickly, and it’s barely 16:30.

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Caption: Cool jacket, bro. Actually, I do wonder what the Japanese know/think about ‘Nam.

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Caption: Taking it easy, having a smoke.

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Caption: Sitting at the ferry terminal next to Big Sight after a long day. The ferris wheel belongs to Tokyo Leisure Land over on the next artificial island, Daiba.

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Caption: This thing is a bloody eyesore!

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Caption: Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara sounds like a typically awful light novel plot. Buuuut the kinpatsu-kko with checked skirt and zettai ryouiki is raising all my flags, and the illustrations are by CUTEG so…

  • Second season of Railgun has been announced, posters

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Caption: Woooah is that what I think it is!?

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Caption: Twintail~ <3

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Caption: Crossing the bridge between the station and the dorm, that’s the Rainbow Bridge off in the distance.

  • Got dinner at western restaurant in UDX building. Yay for new years eve

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Caption: I’ve had mango beer plenty of times back home, it’s nice. I know what the others are and I’m not keen on the concepts, so I’m going to try a Shandy Gaff.

Here goes nothing…

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Caption: My shandy gaff has arrived. I can’t tell if there’s any beer in there or not. I think there is?

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Caption: A safe choice, a burger.

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Caption: Asahi’s attempt at Guinness. It’s not bad, but not as heavy, and the head really doesn’t last.

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Caption: I’m too lazy to read all this, but I can see that she’s reading an ero-doujin and… I’m guessing there’s a sale over the new year period.

  • Stayed out in Akiba for new years roll over, with Blitz and crew
  • Dr Pepper for a toast

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Caption: We don’t have any wine or champagne to celebrate with, so Dr Pepper will have to do.

  • Gamers had a countdown, and sold fukubukuro

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Caption: You’re not really meant to peek into the fukubukuro. Not that it really matters, there’s so much stuff in there that you can’t easily tell if you’ve got something worthwhile.

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Caption: The first buyer is out of the store!

  • Hung around for about half an hour watching people trade stuff

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Caption: Oh my God this girl was such a bro! She’s an IM@S producer and madly in love with Yukiho.

  • Some silly things happen as well

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Caption: This “lucky” chap collected over a dozen copies of Lucky Star Vol.9 from other people, I guess it really didn’t sell well in store.

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Caption: Same girl again, with aalllll the Idolm@ster.

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Caption: Suwa-ko mascot

  • Headed back to Shin-Kiba, ended up not doing karaoke for new years rollover
  • Ageha is running a New Years Eve party, admission is 6000 yen!

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Caption: Looking for her train.

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Caption: Trekking through Tokyo station.

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Caption: I’m always on the lookout for style, not disappointed here.

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Caption: dovac, twins, clearfile, active mover

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Caption: other side

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Caption: active mover stick poster

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Caption: And the book (kurokami longhair)