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So I got some new Japanese glasses...

My brother, being the observant guy that he is, took me along to an optometrist while we were in Melbourne for PAX over the weekend. CAL Eyewear is a very small shop that apparently specialises in Japanese import frames, and they can prepare a finished pair of glasses in just 30 minutes, which is crazy stuff!

Wayfarers are apparently really big at the moment, they seem to be all over the walls at the other big chains that we walked through. There’s a few at CAL, but not too many. Mostly I’m looking for “interesting things”.

Men’s frames, to be blunt, tend to be bland as shit to me. They come in conservative styles, in your choice of black-blue-brown. That’s about it - stylish, but all a bit same-y. Men’s fashion as a whole tends towards fapping over minutiae, really.

alt-text placeholder for 20130722-IMGP0203.jpg

Caption: Mmm red frames~

I can’t complain, CAL has some interesting things: wooden frames, really funky plastic frames, super-flexible frames - and hardly any boring stuff! The pricing structure is good too. It’s really simple, and if you get two pairs the second pair is discounted by $80. So… I kinda did that against my better judgement.

Something I don’t own is a pair of sunglasses, so my brother also helped suggest a couple of styles that would be suitable for having tinted lenses fitted. While they can fit standard glasses in 30 minutes, tinted lenses require special lab treatment so getting them during my stay in Melbourne wouldn’t be possible. Very helpfully, they offered to mail them to me at no extra charge once they’re done.

I’m pretty excited: in a week or two I’ll have a pair of Transitions sunglasses sitting on my desk at work, and they’ll look fabulous.

P.S. Yeah, they’re also bright red frames :P