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Comiket 84 cosplay

Holy crap, why anyone would want to cosplay at summer Comiket is beyond me. The heat is ridiculous, like 39 degrees, and humid. I didn’t even go out until about 13:30, and got to Big Sight near 15:00. Despite having a shower just before heading out, I was sticky with sweat by the time I got to the station and desperately wished I could stay in the airconditioned sanctuary in Shibuya.

I bought a huge bag full of cold drinks from Newdays at Osaki station to take to my comrades, about 1400 yen worth. Not all of it reached them, thanks to me consuming a few of them.

I didn’t actually have any specific doujin targets for today, so I just went and looked at cosplay before calling it a day. That was worthwhile.

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Caption: Found me an Oshino Meme, I’m sure he was having a better time in the heat than most people.

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Caption: I’m not sure whether they’re both traps, but I thought this was pretty impressive - I haven’t seen a Tachibana Hibiki (Symphogear) cosplay anywhere else.

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Caption: Accelerator and Biribiri.

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Caption: Cooling off in front of these handy water misting fans.

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Caption: Not sure who her character is, suspecting a Vocaloid. Edit: apparently she’s Kurumi from Date A Live.

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Caption: I’m drawing a blank on this character :(

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Caption: IA and SeeU.

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Caption: Oshino Shinobu. She looks like she could use a donut.

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Caption: Luka and Miku, in suitable attire for the nearly-40 degree weather.

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Caption: Guilty Crown! In a fit of linguistic masochism I asked if they had coscards on hand, and Inori did.

I ummed and ahhed a bit in Japanese and apologised that my skills are quite meagre, but did she have a uhh.. “card”? *insert hand gestures here*. Thankfully it was understood and Inori produced one, which I accepted most gratefully. She was also pretty excited that I was using an Eva Pentax Q so I gave it to her to play with; that was good. ^^

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Caption: I got a card, yeah! Looking her up now, she seems pretty prolific. I think she did an Inori cosplay for every day of Comiket 84.

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Caption: In the words of Blitzwing, “My mobile cell tower can’t possibly be this cute!”.

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Caption: Bringing a 70-200mm to Comiket r u srs bro? Rookie mistake.