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Around town and post-Comiket

After day 1 we all went to an Italian restaurant in the UDX building in Akiba because… we couldn’t think of anything better, and it was easy. It’s got a decent ambience, but service did seem a bit slow. They figured out how to make White Russians after a little while, and I had no complaints about my carbonara pasta.

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Caption: The Italian restaurant we went to at UDX had the fanciest salad I’ve ever seen. The waiter brought out a trolley with this iced water bath to spin the ingredients together and mix them with great gusto.

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Caption: Dishing it up! This was a really big salad, but it was overshadowed by the largest pepper grinder I’ve ever seen in person.

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Caption: We went for some gaming afterwards HNNNNGGG RACING MIKU 2012 IS SO GOODDDD

Some more from Comiket. I arrived at about 15:00 on the second day, so there really wasn’t much to see while I ran around frantically trying to grab doujin goods for friends.

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Caption: This one is quite popular with the ladies right now, there were a lot of people crowding around to get a picture of their huge… abdominal muscles.

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Caption: Looks like an Ender’s Game anime slated for early next year? Should be interesting.

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Caption: The executive director of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund gave a talk at C84 about the freedom of expression, which is quite timely as it’s been a relevant issue in the last couple of years, in both the US and Japan. Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around, but the transcript of his speech is on the CBLDF’s site.

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Caption: Shaved ice and ice cream vendors were doing a roaring trade thanks to the high temperatures. I’ve never seen one of these in person, it looks like the shaving/grinding is done by hand.

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Caption: This guy was performing out on the plaza between Big Sight and the station, he was pretty cool. You could tell he’s not quite 100% there, but he’s got chops.

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Caption: Yes, that is a Madoka-print yukata with them in QB onesies.

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Caption: The konbini is doing some tie-in promo with IM@S Cinderella Girls. But really, you’re wasting your time if you can’t get Anzu (the hopeless loli neet).

After day 2 the plan was to have a nice dinner with Mouse, with the whole lulzfest crew all together. Before that I had some time to kill, so I went to burn yens at Bic Camera.

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Caption: I want! #okaynotreally

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Caption: Eneloop batteries are popular with pocket-strobe photographers because they pack a big charge and don’t lose charge quickly like regular NiMH cells. I figured I’d grab a bunch because they’re nice and cheap here.

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Caption: I’ve been meaning to get an external battery pack to supply USB power for Ingress and extended mobile use on the plane, and this one fits the bill. Nice big capacity and nice charging options - USB or Qi pad.

I think we had dinner at an izakaya in Osaki, I really can’t remember. It was easy enough to get to, either way. 3000 yen for nomihoudai and a nice little set menu.

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Caption: Our circle’s business card, there’s a bit of a story in the works for the mascot characters.

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Caption: The cover of the doujin. That’s some nice niku :>

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Caption: Rika is busily having yaoi (*´Д`) thoughts about bread being inserted into toasters.

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Caption: Last page of the doujin book, Niku and Kobato enjoying some quality time. Okay, Niku is doing all the enjoying.

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Caption: Nomihoudai! I think I went through two beers, a melon soda, a cassis-something, a highball (that’s got whiskey, right?), a coffee milk and a screwdriver.

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Caption: Our kawaii waitress at the izakaya. There was much disagreement at the table as to whether it was weird for zalas to ask her what her favourite hairstyle was. (I thought it was okay)

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Caption: Have you got it, everyone? There’s a Don Quijote on the strip between Shibuya station and the place I’m staying, how could I not visit?

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Caption: I have heard of this… “hair chalking” thing. I’m still confused, does anyone know about it?

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Caption: This is just the thing for Antonius, some cute nekomimi.

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Caption: I needed some more solid food after the nomihoudai session, thank God this ramen joint was open somewhere between Shibuya-eki and my pad.

The place in Shibuya is in a really convenient spot and has a great view. A++ will stay again.

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Caption: Just down the road from the place in Shibuya, a restaurant that deal in Aussie cuisine. I was tempted to find out more, but they were never open when I was going past.

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Caption: Very classy.

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Caption: The room in Shibuya, it’s quiet, spacious and comfy.

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Caption: The loungeroom upstairs is also very comfy.

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Caption: View from the (very large) balcony.