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Getting some Z

So you know how I said last time I bought a bunch of stuff at Don Quijote? Yeah, that was fun.

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Caption: Giant Ro-Kyu-Bu mural on the construction site near JR Akiba. Primary schoolers really are the best.

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Caption: Sometimes you really just need… a lot of various things. At 2:30 in the morning.

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Caption: First time I’ve played with a Japanese airsoft weapon, it’s very awesome.

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Caption: Field stripped.

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Caption: Not too bad for a highly scientific shooting range distance of “across the room”. Man those BBs really fly! I didn’t want to hammer it too much lest it disturb the neighbouring rooms.

Slept in late, went to Akiba, had donuts, bought lots of stuff.

  • K-Books - 4000 yen
  • Toranoana - 11000 yen
  • Cospatio: kneesocks, socks, eyebrow pencil: 3200 yen
  • D-Stage: Necoco and Lenfried ROMs - 6500 yen

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Caption: Lunch, or afternoon tea.

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Caption: I know they’re meant to ride low but this is ridiculous.

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Caption: M’s tower apparently has a little photo studio or something. Evidently it’s not trivial to get to.

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Caption: Some shopping requests from a friend back home.

Picked up the Fairlady Z, it’s a trek to the rental office and then a bitch to get out of the carpark. I’m never renting from Shinagawa again! There’s a reason I chose there though - the roads are wide and gentle, and I reasoned that I wouldn’t embarrass myself by accidentally stalling the car in a major intersection or something.

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Caption: Oh yes, she will be mine.

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Caption: Took a little while to get out, but not bad at all. The GPS is nuts though.

Went back to the hotel, arranged to meet dovac there and go for a drive. Ended up being late, quite late, sometime after dinner. I went and got dressed for the occasion then met caught dovac and Shini downstairs.

So the plan was to get on the Bayshore Route and head west. Of course I fucked up and ended up heading east, towards Chiba. You know? Stuff it, it’s fine.

We ended up driving to Chiba the long way around, then back to Tokyo across the bay tunnel. That was pretty awesome, and I think we spotted the underslung monorail that you see in OreImo.

  • Fairlady Z Z34 rental - 29085 yen
  • Expressway tolls: Tokyo Aqua Line - 3150 yen

Things that are interesting: rolling into a konbini in the middle of nowhere in Chiba (everywhere in Chiba is the middle of nowhere) at 1am, to buy snacks and use their bathroom, while in cosplay.

The Tokyo Aqua Line is a short cut across the bay, from Sodegaura on the southeast end in Chiba, to Haneda Airport on the northwest end in Tokyo proper. Most interestingly, it’s a bridge on the Chiba side, and a tunnel on the Tokyo side. The two halves meet in the middle on a big artificial island of sorts. It’s odd, but it’s clearly a bit of a touristy destination, as there’s plenty of carparking available and restaurants (none open at 2am though). Well, the view is nice.

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Caption: If you look carefully, there’s a big ventilation stack out on the middle of the water, it juts out in the middle of the skyline.

The island could’ve been completely bland and functional, I really appreciate that they’ve tried to make something out of it, it’s cool.

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Caption: I can’t stop gushing about this thing, it’s so beautiful to look at, and driving her is great.

The bridge part is nice enough, but the tunnel half is really cool. The sides look like they’re tiled or something, and it actually feels like you’re underwater, I can’t explain it. I feel like I’m in a Maximum Tune arcade game, but I’m hooning along for reals (albeit not at 300km/h).

The total distance around from Tokyo to Chiba is actually remarkably similar to doing a lap of greater Sydney. If you started from the CBD and went over the bridge, took the M2 to Baulkham HIlls, then switched to the M7 and went all the way around past Mount Druitt, Eastern Creek, down to Hoxton Park, then took the M5 east to the airport, then headed back to the CBD, you’d be very close to the Tokyo-to-Chiba lap. This map overlay demonstrates it very handsomely.