Unbridled Cynicism

less bullshit, more often?

August 18

Ridiculously busy day, can’t remember why. A small doujin event on at Ariake? I drive out there, and parking is a bit dear.

Expressways in the city are awesome but kinda scary and expensive.

Rush to get the car back to Shinagawa, which has a ridiculously complex method for getting in and out of the carpark if you don’t speak Japanese. I eventually figured out what to do, albeit making myself about half an hour late for the return.

Spend the rest of the day packing and sending EMS boxes.

In my rush I fuck up and miss the flight home. Need to book a new flight, 727 AUD after some flailing;

  • Shutoku Expressway: Big Sight and back: 1800 yen
  • Harajuku Quest car parking at Ariake: 2x 30min increments - 1000 yen
  • Petrol for rentacar - 5040 yen
  • Kanda post office: 3.3kg shipping and materials - 8840 yen
  • Jetstar: new airfare to get home - 727 AUD
  • Via Inn Akihabara: one night - 6500 yen