Unbridled Cynicism

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August 19

Let’s make sure we get this right. I’ll go do all my stuff and not be late this time. I’ll be ludicrously early so I don’t miss my flight again.

Went back to Don Quijote and bought more goods.

  • Uniqlo: underwear and socks - 1780 yen
  • Konbini food - 2500 yen
  • Yodobashi Camera: Eneloops etc - 3680 yen
  • Don Quijote: Instax film, lollies, navy blue high socks, grey cardigan - 5900 yen
  • M’s Store: toys - 3280 yen
  • Keisei Skyliner: 2400 yen
  • Jetstar inflight meal: 18.50 AUD