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Air Gear photoshoot

I was asked by the lovely Anya Kimochi yesterday if I was free for a photoshoot. What, tomorrow? Hoo boy, well if it’s in the city I could probably run away from the office for a little bit… That long lunch ended up being a bit longer than expected.

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Caption: Ghetto snoot is best snoot!

Now I’ll admit I know nothing about Air Gear except being that it’s by the same guy that made heaven-up-heaven-down), and being able to recognise Simca. I’m in luck, Anya is cosplaying Simca today. :) Michael is joining us as Ikki, the central protagonist of the series.

We started down in the Empty Knot’s underground carpark but I didn’t really get any shots that I was pleased with. Things got much better once we went up to the rooftop of the building.

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Caption: I really wasn’t sure what sort of character Ikki is meant to have, but I reckon his eyebrows look a bit angry here. Lucky for me he’s apparently a perverted badass - 1 out of 2 ain’t bad.

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Caption: Come at me, bro!

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Caption: Ikemen mode.

He told me that he was trying out contouring with makeup for the first time, to try and get a more hard-edged masculine appearance. I think it worked, good job.

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Caption: A couple, right? Okay, phew!

It’s about 14:00 and the sun is beating down hard. Very harsh shadows but it gives us some nice airy shots that, given the title Air Gear, I’m pretty happy about. While we’re up here, Simca is meant to be sexy, so I thought we could try a few in that vein.

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Caption: Le fashion shot, I should really study the posing details for ones like this. Being able to direct facial expressions would be good too.

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Caption: Borrowed Martin’s Samyang 24mm f/1.4, it’s so beautiful~