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Anya Kimochi scenester photoshoot

It’s been busy these last few days. The Air Gear photoshoot was pretty draining and editing took a while, but I’ll never turn down an opportunity to go take more photos. Aru Jei gave me a prod and asked if I wanted to come out for a casual non-cosplay shoot with Anya at Olympic Park. I was still waiting to give him the battery caddy for his D700’s grip, so hey why wouldn’t I go out today? It’s time for a long lunch again, so I brought the laptop to stay connected with the office.

An ANTI THE∞HOLiC wig chopped into scene style, a gritty singlet top, old jeans and a bright pair of kicks. People, myself included, don’t have a firm idea of what being a “scene kid” (to use the sometimes-pejorative) really means beyond the fashion stereotypes, with an assumption that it’s a coherent alternative subculture thing.

It’s not really that, and Urban Dictionary has a pleasingly thorough entry on the topic. At its core its about personal expression and social interaction. But enough about that, that’s bloody hard to communicate through photos. Let’s keep pretending it’s all so simple: a scene hairstyle is typically long and cut with a razor to give it a layered and choppy look. It’s a bit like emo, but with less black.

So it’s an aesthetic shoot today, low-tension and good to practice some simple ideas, some posing, and composition.

alt-text placeholder for 20140106-DS8_6338.jpg

Caption: Away in thought. I picked f/4 for depth of field and left the defocus at 2.8R so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming. This was kinda interesting to take; at a higher angle with wider lens, Aru was finding the perspective was excessively out of whack, making Anya appear vastly too-short.

I opted to pack light, bringing just the 105mm f/2 as I’m a fan of uncomplex portraiture. The Pentax Q10 with 01 Standard Prime complements and completes my needs.

alt-text placeholder for 20140106-IMGP6367-Edit.jpg

Caption: This was taken on the Q and highlights why I love it so much. The file is ready to post as soon as it’s shot, straight from the camera. The built in Vintage Colour mode produces subtly pleasant output without being obviously overbaked.