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Pains with Typekit and Lightroom

I thought I was going mad, it turns out that I’m not.

I have a Creative Cloud subscription, I can get beautiful fonts to use on my desktop. Great! I thought about redoing my photography watermark because while I like Calibri, it’s not terribly interesting. I picked some fonts from Typekit, went to use them in Lightroom, and… they’re not there? They appear in Photoshop just fine.

I went to increasingly greater lengths to “steal” the files and install them into the system but to no avail. They’re tucked away on the system but can be found and copied out. So I tried that, and they look like arse in Lightroom in the watermark editor. What gives?

I figured they might’ve poisoned the files in some way so I went to grab the data:base64 URIs from the embedded fonts, but that was also no good, after jumping through many decoding and conversion hoops.

Well, it turns out that… Lightroom can’t use OTF fonts at all. In my case I’d sorta jammed them in there, so they appeared in the list, but actual usage is futile. Something to do with low level Windows font handling routines. :( Lightroom can use Truetype fonts without issue, but the stuff that Typekit supplies is all OpenType, so it’s hopeless.

In the meantime my solution is to make some really high-res transparent PNGs with my type, and using those as graphical watermarks. It’s janky, but it seems to work fine.