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Graduating from Anchor

Well, this is an end of an era for me, it’s time to open a new chapter in my life. Today was my last day with Anchor, I’ve been here for a bit over eight years.

Rather than rehash the same material, I’ll just copy in the announcement I sent to my colleagues, thank you all for being so awesome about it.

Subject: Barney is graduating from Anchor

Dear friends and esteemed colleagues,

It is with a weary heart (and glint in my eye) that I announce that I am moving on from Anchor, this Friday (31st July) will be my last day here.

It’s been coming for a while now, but a lot of realisation has caught up with me recently that I need to take care of bigger things in my life as well - hence “graduating”.

Eight years is a bloody long time and I’ve seen a lot of things come and go at Anchor, but I’m glad I can say I’ve never regretted sticking around. Anchor is an amazingly nurturing place and a great environment in which to learn and teach.

To everyone here, thank you, I’ve had a great time. To people who know me a bit better, I’ve had a really great time. Thank you.

With any luck you’ll probably see me hanging around for meetups every now and then, which is something I should’ve done more of sooner. No one really ever leaves Anchor anyway. :)

There’ll probably be drinks or something on Friday evening. Whatever it is, come along if you’re free, I’m not good at the planning.

Don’t forget to keep growing and learning, it’s easy to forget that when you’re in a good place.

  • Barney